• Auto Tire Repair In Northwest Atlanta

  • A flat tire on your car will cause a great deal of aggravation, but it does not have to be an overly costly issue. There are ways to make temporary and permanent car tire repairs to small punctures that can extend the life of your tire without the cost of replacing one or more tires.

    In the event that you sustain a large gash in the tire, you will need to replace it. Keep a spare tire and a jack in your car for these situations. And depending on the amount of wear on the remaining tires, you may need to replace both the damaged tire and the one next to it (both front tires or both rear tires) for even handling.

    Tire Sealant

    A good car tire repair product to have on hand is a can of tire sealant. In the event of a small puncture or slow leak, you can use a tire sealant to inject a liquid polymer directly into the tire that stops the air leak and lets you continue driving. You can find cans of tire sealant at virtually any auto parts store or tire shop. They are very inexpensive and a great way to keep your tires intact.

    Tire Patches and Tire Plugs

    Tire patches and plugs are another effective car tire repair method that will repair minor damages to your tires for just a few dollars. Tire patches are placed on the inside of the tire over the damaged area. The tire patch is then heated until it melts to the inside of the tire and becomes part of the tire. This method of car tire repair takes longer because the tire must be removed, but it is effective on small, irregular-shaped cuts in the tire. Tire plugs are better for round tire punctures, such as one that would be caused by a nail. Plugs are inserted into the damaged area and melt into the tire once they heat up while driving.

    New tires start around $60 each, and high-end tires for passenger vehicles can be more than $200 each. That does not include mounting, balancing and disposing of your old tires. With tires costing so much, it only makes sense that you would want them to last as long as possible. Car tire repair kits such as tire sealant, tire patches and tire plugs make that possible.