• Top Ten Auto Repair Cost in Northwest Atlanta

    1. Engine: This repair can take thousands of dollars and there are several pieces of the puzzle, such as the carburetor. No matter how involved the damage, it is very important to get engine issues fixed as soon as possible to reduce car repair costs.
    2. Brakes: These wear down over time, and it’s important to get the wear and tear addressed. For minor repairs, you can basically go into any shop with a certified ASE mechanic. For more complex issues, be sure to shop around for the best matching auto repair shop.
    3. Tires: From air checks to flat repairs, replacements, rotations and balancing, tire centers have the very important tasks of keeping your safe and your car in the best shape with tire repair.
    4. Electrical Issues: These issues involve your battery, your computer and all of the wiring involved. Certified technicians (and usually a pretty penny) will make these problems go away. Or it might just be a six-dollar spark plug replacement, or equally benign car repair costs.
    5. Heating and Cooling: You car overheating is no fun, and it can cause extensive damage such as completely crippling your car. Air conditioning is an expensive repair and can leave you in a lurch during the summer months.
    6. Transmission: This is could involve many car fixes—such as car parts repair and replacements—that may reach thousands of dollars in car repair costs. Maintenance of your transmission is of the utmost importance, and finding the parts to fix or replace your transmission can be tricky.
    7. Running Gear: These include axles, drive shafts and other pieces that factor into making your car go. Often these parts have extended warranties. Finding a reputable auto repair shop with smoothen this repair process.
    8. Tune-Ups: This important part of car maintenance commonly included ensuring clean fuel travel, and spark plus inspections and replacements.
    9. Oil Changes: Keeping your engine in shape with the right and right amount of oil is intrinsic to the performance of your engine; neglecting this piece of the puzzle can be very damaging.
    10. Body Work: From dent and major collision repair to repainting, body shops take care of the exterior of your vehicle. These car repair costs range from a few hundred dollars to thousands.